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market spotlight
Adventurous Russian gourmets look to Asian cuisine as sanctions crimp exports from the West. 16 October 2018
This year's Taste of Moscow event saw the chill of Western trade embargoes briefly lift as... More
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Luxury adult candy brand Sugarfina has opened its first international outpost in Hong Kong. 15 October 2018
When Josh Resnik took his girlfriend Rosie O’Neill on their third date to see Willy Wonka & The... More
At an upcoming workshop, Hong Kong officials will detail incentives that support SMEs against tariffs. 15 October 2018
The Hong Kong Special Administrative Region (HKSAR) Government has enhanced funding schemes to... More
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Having earned its spurs in overseas markets, Velveteen spearheads a China push by opening an outlet in its home city – Hong Kong. 12 October 2018
Many small and medium-sized enterprises established in Hong Kong test the local market first... More
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Vintners find the climate and chalky soil in the southern UK ideal for sparkling wines which find a ready market in Hong Kong. 11 October 2018
Whether it is for banquets, special occasions or just sharing among friends, Hong Kong wine buffs... More
Imported beauty products remain market leaders on the Chinese mainland, which is now the second-largest beauty market and set for further growth. 10 October 2018
The Chinese mainland now has the world's second-largest cosmetics market, lagging behind only the... More
market spotlight
Hong Kong’s top ASEAN trading partner hears about the wealth of services the city has to offer. 09 October 2018
Rapidly growing Vietnam now means much more to Hong Kong than being the home of pho, a destination... More
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A leading content-marketing agency’s partner explains why developing sophisticated narratives is essential to putting your point across. 08 October 2018
Lorraine Cushnie is a Hong Kong based partner at New Narrative Ltd, Asia’s leading content-... More
As the United States imposes levies on many exporters’ products, an upcoming seminar will offer insights on thriving in the rapidly changing global... 08 October 2018
At this seminar, titled “Prospering in a Time of Tariffs: How to Ensure Your Business is Not a... More