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Superstar Leon Lai introduces 15th film and entertainment extravaganza with a tongue-twisting video. 15 February 2019
Having put away the red lanterns and kumquat trees after the end of the Spring Festival (as... More
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A guitarist turns metronome pain into musical inno-tech gain. 14 February 2019
As a hobby guitarist back home in Berlin, Florian Simmendinger – co-founder of high-growth music... More
Young, well-off consumers in this fast-growing region still value well-crafted timepieces. 13 February 2019
A rapidly evolving digital landscape has dramatically changed consumer behaviour, while the... More
market spotlight
Time is money and customers value efficiency, which makes this solution to port delays invaluable. 12 February 2019
Logistics firms have been finding themselves in a double bind as security concerns increase the... More
The region presents exciting opportunities as electrification surges ahead on the continent. 11 February 2019
A chance to meet business leaders and visit retail outlets in the commercial centre of Africa, one... More
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Food delivery services are proliferating in Hong Kong now that mobile platforms have made the ordering process so convenient. 08 February 2019
Without leaving their desks, hungry office workers can summon a healthy lunch, or order a... More
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Panellists discussing sustainable investment at the Asian Financial Forum deny investors need to ‘sacrifice returns’ to do good. 04 February 2019
“You can make impact, or make money” appears to still be a common view in the investment community... More
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A franchise concentrating on quick, clean haircuts finds many takers in ASEAN countries. 04 February 2019
Focusing intensely on efficient, clean and above all fast service, the Kaizen 10 Minute Haircut... More
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Desktop farming start-up Livin Farms advocates cultivating insects at home for a sustainable source of protein. 01 February 2019
Could you do your bit for the planet by ditching meat for insects? More