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Virtual Reality

Ticket to the metaverse

Just as our view of the universe has changed radically over time – from a flat earth under a dome of sky to a planet on a solar system in one of hundreds of billions of galaxies – so our perception of the rapidly evolving metaverse is shifting constantly. Only in the case of the metaverse its actual state is evolving along with our perceptions.
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Build your own universe

Non-fungible tokens (NFTs) are pulling real-world assets into the metaverse and giving them value in the content-owner-driven world of Web 3.0. But since the metaverse is content-only and everyone can create items from scratch, or even virtualise real-world performers and let them live forever, why not go all-virtual?

Launching into the metaverse

The planned metaverse will bring profound changes to virtual and physical supply chains. This webinar will explore the implications and opportunities for the Hong Kong business community. It will also consider how the COVID-19 pandemic has turbocharged the shift towards the digital economy as service providers turn to technology-driven initiatives to create new customer experiences and generate innovative online sales and marketing channels.

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