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Entrepreneurs explore I&T opportunities


A 40-strong group learns about business opportunities in innovative industries in the GBA.


To help Hong Kong enterprises understand opportunities in Futian, on the western side of Shenzhen, which shares a boundary with Hong Kong, the GoGBA Hong Kong Business support centre in the city organised an exchange group for the Enter the Greater Bay Area - Hong Kong Business Futian Entrepreneurship Exploration and Networking Meeting.

The 40-strong exchange group, brought together by the Hong Kong Trade Development Council (HKTDC), also visited the exhibition hall of the Hong Kong-Shenzhen Innovation Technology Park in Hetao to learn more about the I&T zone in the southern part of Futian District on the border with Hong Kong, covering an area of ​​3.89 square kilometres.

The area is being developed into an important base for scientific research, higher education and other supporting facilities, and will become an innovation base in the future.

Tina Wei, GoGBA Service Centre Manager arranged for delegates to visit the Douyin E-commerce Product selection centre to understand the overall operation model and product selection methods of domestic e-commerce, so Hong Kong companies can better understand ttrends in marketing through livestreaming.

They also visited the Shenzhen New Generation Industrial Park, which carries many 5G innovators and focuses on digital technology and smart technology industries, hoping to achieve industrial agglomeration. The conference also introduced Shenzhen Futian District’s preferential policies for Hong Kong businesses, as well as Shenzhen’s rights protection services for foreign-invested enterprises.

Director of the Greater Bay Area Service Centre of the HKTDC, Jim Zeng, and Shenzhen representative Yvonne Kan had in-depth exchanges with Hong Kong entrepreneurs. Many Hong Kong business-people hope the exchange meeting can help Hong Kong companies understand the services provided by GoGBA Hong Kong Business Service Station (Futian) to Hong Kong entrepreneurs and use relevant excellent communication platforms.

Dr Edi Koesno and Yvonne Wong, vice presidents of the Internet Professional Association, also participated in this entrepreneurship visit and exchange meeting.

Dr Koesno said: “I hope that through this visit, we can learn more about the business opportunities in different areas of Shenzhen, and hope that similar activities can be held in the future for members of other organizations in Hong Kong, so that members can explore new business opportunities through on-site visits.”

Ms Wong said she had first visited the technology park in Hetao in 2019 and noted great changes since then.

She hopes the visit and exchange for entrepreneurs can help Hong Kong enterprises understand the services provided by GoGBA Hong Kong Business Service Station (Futian) to Hong Kong businesses and make good use of this communication platform.

Choi Wan-lung, Chairman of the Hong Kong Meilin Association calls on Hong Kong enterprises to develop in Futian, Shenzhen and join the Hong Kong Meilin Association. He said: “The new generation industrial park in Meilin has advanced and complete supporting facilities. It is very suitable for Hong Kong technology companies and e-commerce companies to develop in Shenzhen.”

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