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A start-up in Israel is tapping Greater Bay Area resources to develop a re-usable, high-speed device to detect infection by the virus. 10 August 2020
Living things are complicated and relationships between them – including infections of one by... More
In the run-up to the 2021 Asian Financial Forum, Medtech leaders outline changes on the horizon for the healthcare industry. 10 August 2020
Online panel discussion going into COVID-19 – urgency, challenges and shortcomings; hospitals and... More
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A Hong Kong studio uses art-therapy sessions to boost mental health and well-being. 07 August 2020
A masters degree in art psychotherapy and a firm belief in the power of creativity to heal... More
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A Hong Kong fintech start-up has solved a persistent problem for SMEs – sluggish payments. 06 August 2020
Companies often face a cash shortfall during their day-to-day operations. More
The Hong Kong-Australia Free Trade and Investment Agreement has proven a success, delivering a particular boost to the e-commerce sector. 05 August 2020
Given the economic, social, scientific and political issues that continue to dominate news agendas... More
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SMEs in the city eye expansion into Thailand as the two economies seek further business cooperation. 04 August 2020
As traditional earnings models are under pressure from a basket of challenges - including the... More
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A restaurant offering a fine-dining twist on traditional Indian cuisine has adapted quickly to COVID-19 restrictions. 03 August 2020
Many Indian restaurants in Hong Kong offer versions of the country’s diverse cuisine. More
Entrepreneurs have a chance to find out how they can access funding to expand the reach of their business. 03 August 2020
The Hong Kong Special Administrative Region’s Dedicated Fund on Branding, Upgrading and Domestic... More
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A host of sectors in Hong Kong are set to leap ahead by unleashing the power of AI on these freshly launched networks. 31 July 2020
Communications technology reached a historic milestone at the beginning of April this year as Hong... More