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Hong Kong’s annual festival of creativity goes online. 04 December 2020
Everything made by humans on all scales – from the paper clip on your desk to the global Internet... More
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Empowering SMEs to capture opportunities amid challenges 03 December 2020
The Hong Kong Trade Development Council (HKTDC) had to think on its feet and move quickly to adapt... More
Hong Kong’s innovation and technology knowhow, financial acumen and global links can boost this pivotal province. 02 December 2020
The large, central province of Sichuan serves as an internal pivot for China, linking the... More
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Industry leaders gathered at a virtual conference discuss the logistics of fighting COVID-19. 01 December 2020
As pharmaceutical giants announce COVID-19 vaccine breakthroughs, the logistics industry is... More
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A Canadian IT security firm offering quantum-safe encryption generates ample interest at the Asian Financial Forum. 30 November 2020
Like grape pickers rushing to gather their harvest before the first frost, engineers working on... More
As the COVID-19 pandemic drives an e-commerce boom, industry players need help navigating the electronic maze. 30 November 2020
The Asian E-tailing Summit (AES) is a one-stop platform for business professionals to network with... More
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Greater Bay Area cooperation is boosting the development of a circular economy in the city and Mainland China. 27 November 2020
Environmental issues were to the fore at the online Eco Asia Conference, organised by the... More
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The HKTDC welcomes economic support measures announced in the city chief’s policy address. 26 November 2020
The Chairman of the Hong Kong Trade Development Council (HKTDC) Dr Peter K N Lam on Wednesday... More
The Belt and Road Summit offers a chance to review changes driven by the pandemic. 25 November 2020
The global COVID-19 pandemic stalled many development projects across the world as restrictions –... More