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Authors who wrote true-to-life historical books tell Book Fair visitors what leads them to commit thoughts to paper. 06 August 2021
Bestowing high praise on historians and biographers, British author Oscar Wilde said: “Anybody can... More
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Sandwiched between Scandinavia and Germany to the west and the Slavic east, Poland offers ample opportunities as an e-commerce market for... 04 August 2021
One of the largest economies in Central Europe in terms of population, physical size and output,... More
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Some 30% of consumers visiting two recent jewellery fairs spent over HK$10,000 per head on-site, reaffirming the prospects for the sector. 03 August 2021
The world might have moved on from JP Morgan’s infamous 1912 quote “Gold is money”, but global... More
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A beverage maker rises to the heavy challenge of bringing light alcoholic fizzy drinks to Hong Kong tipplers. 02 August 2021
As drinkers seek healthy tipples, spiked sparkling drinks have emerged as a trend in the food and... More
This annual conference explores international cooperation opportunities the Belt and Road Initiative. 02 August 2021
The Belt and Road Summit is an international platform to promote business collaboration under the... More
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Hong Kong talents show their creativity as two jewellery shows adopt a hybrid physical-online format. 30 July 2021
Measures to control the COVID-19 pandemic have closed many doors across the world but windows... More
Strong demand worldwide, the impact of lockdown measures and natural disasters weigh on semiconductor chip output. 28 July 2021
The COVID-19 pandemic spurred demand for a wide range of digital devices as lockdown measures... More
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Education turns out to be a key factor in the durability of innovation hubs such as Hong Kong. 27 July 2021
The COVID-19 pandemic has fast-forwarded technology-driven transformation across the globe and... More
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Innovators help firms plug into massive digital marketing networks. 26 July 2021
Riding the digital transformation wave that crested across swathes of industries during the COVID-... More