Hong Kong Means Business

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Spotting a niche market for personalised baby and child products, two French expatriates launched an online boutique in Hong Kong. 14 May 2021
Babies head a long list of firsts – first bath, first tooth, first word, first day at school. More
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Collecting reams of underwater measurements and images is difficult and expensive – a Hong Kong start-up is outsourcing the tasks to robots. 12 May 2021
Marine researchers the world over now have a reliable solution for capturing and analysing data... More
market spotlight
Helping Hong Kong start-ups go global. 11 May 2021
The global population is a neat 1,000 times larger than Hong Kong’s, but most start-ups in the... More
first person
A serial entrepreneur turns his mind to the fast-growing business of personalised medical care based on genetic profiles. 10 May 2021
Just as plummeting costs for data processing, storage and transmission drove the information... More
An upcoming webinar will explain how Hong Kong-funded mainland-based companies can ensure compliance with new rules. 10 May 2021
Hong Kong businesses are keen to capitalise on opportunities created by Mainland China’s move to... More
life & style
A lifestyle show draws crowds following a lengthy COVID-19 hiatus for physical events. 07 May 2021
Physicist Isaac Newton reputedly had his apple-driven eureka! moment on gravity while studying at... More
A Canadian filmmaker agrees to fund an original epic by a production house from Mainland China. 05 May 2021
As Mainland China’s robust animation industry continues to thrive, many producers are seeking... More
market spotlight
Sites aggregating the full suite of trade finance and logistics services are seen as the way ahead for SMEs. 04 May 2021
A succession of sea changes – notably the COVID-19 pandemic and United States trade barriers –... More
first person
Watches can be very durable and one firm gives owners the opportunity to free up their wrists for a new dial. 03 May 2021
Just as watches track time, time tracks watches. More