Hong Kong Means Business

Most business leaders in the Guangdong powerhouse see bright prospects in the rapidly developing ASEAN bloc. 08 December 2021
Like an hourglass neck, Hong Kong links the giant regions of Northeast Asia and Southeast Asia.... More
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With a young, 84m-strong population and centred in a fast-growing region, Turkey offers many e-commerce opportunities. 07 December 2021
Straddling Europe and Asia and awash with history, Turkey offers exporters in Hong Kong and... More
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As time horizons shrink, companies are seeking workspaces that can expand or contract quickly. 06 December 2021
A shift in the workplace paradigm is driving demand for what Hans Leijten, CEO of Compass Offices... More
This leading global showcase offers jewellers a chance to present their creations to a world recovering from COVID-19. 06 December 2021
Fair spotlights will include World of Glamour, exhibiting the artistry and world-renowned... More
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AI solution watches shoppers check out products in outlets and helps retailers boost sales and improve customer experience. 03 December 2021
Cyclops were one-eyed giants in Homer’s Odyssey, which were given the slip by the warriors... More
The Greater Bay Area has become a magnet for entrepreneurs from around the world. 02 December 2021
Start-ups work with limited resources and have a wide range of needs – from finance and research... More
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Hong Kong and the GBA are ideally placed to serve as a global centre for biotech and healthtech development. 01 December 2021
The COVID-19 pandemic and lightning-fast development of vaccines, as well as coordinated global... More
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An entrepreneur is coaching wannabe models of all shapes and sizes to move the industry away from the stereotypical look. 29 November 2021
Noting that advertising campaigns often feature unrealistically shaped models, Hong Kong Model... More
Hong Kong exporters have a chance to reap gains as COVID-19 boosts e-commerce in these large but distant markets. 29 November 2021
The COVID-19 outbreak has thrust e-commerce into the spotlight, compelling struggling businesses... More