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From novels to film, television and gaming, science fiction’s future shines bright in Hong Kong. 26 May 2017
With its loyal and devoted fan base, science fiction offers a multitude of new opportunities for... More
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Connecting with local audiences is key to tapping the potentially lucrative Asian creative industries market. 25 May 2017
Emerald Media is an investment fund set up by leading global private-equity firm KKR that focuses... More
Hi-tech medical assistance equipment is driving the Chinese mainland rehabilitation device market. 24 May 2017
The Rehacare and Orthopedic China (Guangzhou) event, held 31 March to 2 April, showcased a variety... More
market spotlight
Continuing demand for branding and design expertise in China’s second-tier cities presents myriad opportunities for Hong Kong-based companies. 23 May 2017
Since setting up in Hong Kong three years ago, the Quick Word Company has written for more than... More
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An award-winning Hong Kong start-up is helping to make insurance choices fast and painless. 22 May 2017
It took a stint living in New York for entrepreneur Michael Chan to realise that Hong Kong needed... More
Learn about the latest developments in these emerging markets at this seminar in Hong Kong. 22 May 2017
The seminar will focus on retail market developments in the fast-developing economies of Southeast... More
life & style
Hong Kong restaurants are ushering in a contemporary take on classic Chinese dishes, where décor and presentation are just as important as taste. 19 May 2017
With exquisitely presented dishes and elegant interiors, some chefs in Hong Kong are incorporating... More
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Start-ups and entrepreneurs are not the only ones fueling demand for co-working spaces in Asia. 18 May 2017
Co-working hubs are springing up across Hong Kong and the broader region. More
Customised makeovers that transform and maximise space are among the strong houseware trends on the Chinese mainland. 17 May 2017
Home furnishing is expected to be big business this year, according to participants of the March... More