venture hong kong
An international cross-channel advertising network set up its Asian division in Hong Kong to provide cost-effective digital marketing. 24 January 2018
While working for Yahoo in Hong Kong, digital marketing specialists Angie Chung and Charlene Ree... More
Pampered pets on the Chinese mainland open lucrative opportunities for overseas and local suppliers. 23 January 2018
With the pet-product market all but saturated in many of the world's more developed countries, the... More
venture hong kong
Swiss logistics firm A.R.T moved its headquarters to Hong Kong to tap opportunities arising from the Belt and Road Initiative. 22 January 2018
From oversize equipment to dangerous cargo, across continents and thousands of kilometres, no job... More
The HKTDC has launched Small Orders on the Chinese mainland. 22 January 2018
To help local SMEs develop online retail sales on the mainland, the HKTDC has launched the B2B... More
life & style
Local opera groups in Hong Kong are nurturing a growing appreciation for the Western art form. 19 January 2018
A number of Hong Kong opera production companies has been identifying opportunities for presenting... More
first person
A Hong Kong-based French lawyer embarked on a business venture sparked by her desire to travel the world, with children in tow. 18 January 2018
The temples of Cambodia, the culture and heritage of Rajasthan, an introduction to Myanmar or an... More
Premium imports and online sales are transforming the Chinese mainland fruit market. 17 January 2018
Globalisation and enhanced cultivation and distribution practices made possible by today's... More
market spotlight
Hong Kong’s mature real estate market presents opportunities for an emerging tech sector. 16 January 2018
Hong Kong is a hotbed of entrepreneurial innovation, with technology start-ups in the limelight. More
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Hong Kong’s Fintech community has published a start-to-finish guide to initial coin offerings. 15 January 2018
The emergence of Fintech innovations, including cryptocurrencies, will be among the subjects to be... More