venture hong kong
Latitude 22N is putting Hong Kong pottery on the map with its innovative designs. 24 February 2017
Named to reflect Hong Kong’s coordinates on the world map, Latitude 22N was founded in 2008 by... More
market spotlight
Developments in digital technology, such as blockchain, bring speed, simplicity and security to trade deals. 23 February 2017
Bankers’ projections, e-commerce players’ experiences and trade developments signal growing use of... More
The growth in two-working-parent households in China has made the after-school child care market profitable. 22 February 2017
Many Chinese mainland cities are home to a growing number of “little dining tables” (xiaofanzhuo... More
first person
Hong Kong design maven Ning Lau has transformed her childhood passion into work that has caught the imagination of the fashion world. 21 February 2017
Ning Lau has over 15 years’ experience in the fashion retail industry, serving six years as Vice... More
Cash in on Asia's growing entertainment industry by attending FILMART, happening in Hong Kong. 21 February 2017
The largest event of its kind in Asia, the HKTDC Hong Kong International Film & TV Market (... More
market spotlight
Demand for professional services is high in Malaysia’s vibrant SME sector. 20 February 2017
Starting a business has never been easier in Malaysia, according to participants at the SME... More
life & style
One of modern society’s most lucrative services sectors enjoys a particularly sweet spot in Hong Kong. 17 February 2017
The global wedding industry is estimated to be worth at least US$300 billion (HK$2.3 trillion). More
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Asian economies are in the box seat this year, according to Deloitte economist Chris Richardson. 16 February 2017
The world economy is finally emerging from a series of major shocks sparked by the 2008 global... More
The global travel industry is wooing China’s independent and digitally savvy millennials. 15 February 2017
China remains the world’s largest travel market and its lead is only set to increase, according to... More