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Premium and fresh products are the secret ingredients for contemporary Chinese tea salon Flamingo Bloom’s appeal. 19 July 2018
With an emphasis on fresh ingredients – all its menu items are made using freshly-brewed tea,... More
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The Founder of Vive Cake Boutique shares her journey to creating innovative, delicious and heathy desserts. 18 July 2018
Vive Cake Boutique’s Founder and Creative Director Vivien Lau discovered her passion and talent... More
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Thanks partly to the generous spending by Chinese mainland tourists, duty free revenue from the region made up 45 percent of global total. 17 July 2018
While the surge in outward-bound tourism numbers from across Asia – and particularly from mainland... More
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An expert in Wellness Consulting explains why looking after the health and wellness of employees actually helps companies. 16 July 2018
Companies at the Asia Pacific are suffering billions of dollars in losses related to employee... More
Asia’s premiere fashion event, HKTDC’s CENTRESTAGE, takes place from 5-8 September at the HKCEC. 16 July 2018
CENTRESTAGE will feature multiple fashion shows and brand showcases to provide a platform for... More
The two-child policy will boost the demand of the mainland toy market, which already includes over 200 million children and plenty of adults. 13 July 2018
Toys in the Chinese market can be classified broadly into electronic, mechanical, plastic and... More
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A Hong Kong start-up has launched an app based service that helps busy city dwellers take care of their homes. 12 July 2018
Working 15-hour days in the banking and finance sector left three young Hong Kong entrepreneurs... More
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While some experts predict 80 per cent of global GDP will rely on real-time online payments by 2023, others still believe cash is king. 11 July 2018
Speaking at Seamless Asia 2019 – a showcase for innovative online payment systems – Paul Stoddart... More
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Romantic literature is the theme of this year’s Hong Kong Book Fair, but as authors tell HKMB, the event has much more to offer. 10 July 2018
The 29th edition of the Hong Kong Book Fair, which opens next Wednesday, celebrates not only a... More