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Having earned its spurs in overseas markets, Velveteen spearheads a China push by opening an outlet in its home city – Hong Kong. 19 September 2018
Ensuring a chain of giant home living and improvements outlets in one of the world’s most populous... More
market spotlight
The spotlight shines on ASEAN and other emerging markets as new tariffs prompt exporters and importers to revise strategies. 18 September 2018
As trade tensions between the Chinese mainland and United States are causing uncertainty on both... More
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Plug-and-play office rental model is proving a hit in Asia, with Bengaluru’s market doubling; JLL explains why. 17 September 2018
The rise of the market for flexible office space in the Asia-Pacific has been meteoric. More
“Think Global, Think Hong Kong” returns to Japan to present the wealth of opportunities the city offers. 17 September 2018
“Think Global, Think Hong Kong” is a mega promotion organised by the Hong Kong Trade Development... More
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Hong Kong takes the lead in using multisided marketplaces that bring buyers and sellers together in a single virtual tent. 14 September 2018
As the likes of Amazon, eBay and Airbnb have amply demonstrated, commercial empires can be built... More
With the win-win nature of the China-Myanmar relationship clearly established, it's full-steam ahead on the Belt and Road front. 13 September 2018
Early last month, the planned development of the Chinese mainland-Myanmar Economic Corridor (CMEC... More
venture hong kong
Capsule hotel pioneer SLEEEP finds busy Hong Kong generates ample demand from power nappers. 12 September 2018
Sleep doesn’t come naturally to everyone. Most urban-dwellers simply do not have enough of it,... More
market spotlight
Excursion platform Klook’s lightning-fast expansion underlines venture capital’s disruptive move from the investment world’s periphery to centre... 11 September 2018
Stratospheric valuations and thin yields have left investors scrambling for high-alpha assets that... More
first person
Documenting everyday cityscapes, photographer Kevin Mak transforms ordinary scenes into extraordinary images. 10 September 2018
Kevin Mak has built his reputation capturing typical Hong Kong sights such as old signboards,... More